Successful Rescue Operation for Seven Missing Divers off Okinawa Coast

On Monday, an emergency rescue mission was successfully executed for seven individuals who had disappeared during a dive off the southern island of Okinawa, according to information released by the Japan Coast Guard.

Upon receiving a distress signal from the divers’ boat around 11:50 a.m., the coast guard immediately mobilized a helicopter and multiple patrol vessels to commence search and rescue operations. The missing group included two certified diving instructors.

By 3:10 p.m., the diligent efforts of the coast guard paid off, with all seven divers safely retrieved by the rescue helicopter.

The divers vanished about 12 kilometers westward of Itoman port, or roughly 640 meters north-northeast of the Rukan Reef, on the southern end of Okinawa Island, as reported by the coast guard.

The group of missing divers, consisting of four males and three females, were discovered floating in the sea close to their initial reported location.

According to assumptions made by the coast guard, the group had likely been partaking in drift diving, a method wherein the water’s current is used as a means of transportation during the dive.

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