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Activity Feed Forums Other Should I enroll my kid in an international school or local school? Reply To: Should I enroll my kid in an international school or local school?

  • Jaxon

    June 12, 2023 at 6:47 am

    Hi Xiu Lan,

    Choosing between an international school and a local school in Japan largely depends on your family’s needs, expectations, and your child’s adaptability.

    International schools often follow a curriculum similar to schools in the U.S., U.K., or other countries, and the language of instruction is usually English. This can make it easier for your child to transition if you’re planning to return to your home country or if you’re considering foreign universities in the future. They also typically offer a more diverse environment, which could be beneficial for developing a global mindset.

    However, international schools can be expensive, and admission can be competitive. Moreover, attending an international school might limit the opportunities for your child to learn Japanese and fully integrate into Japanese society.

    On the other hand, local schools provide an immersive environment for learning Japanese and understanding the culture deeply. They are also generally less expensive. But the learning style in Japanese schools can be quite different from that in Western countries, emphasizing uniformity and group harmony. Additionally, if your child isn’t fluent in Japanese, they might face a steep learning curve.

    Both choices have their pros and cons. It could be beneficial to talk to parents who’ve faced similar decisions or seek advice from educational consultants. Importantly, considering your child’s personality, language proficiency, future educational goals, and personal comfort will help guide your decision.